"Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort".  - Franklin D. Roosevelt

Thank you for visiting  (formerly My Craft Addiction) Creatively, Bee!  I'm Bee - otherwise known as Bernadette, and this is my store.
I believe creativity is the ability to see something as the world presents it to you, and then continue to see through it, to envision the object as it could be or how it was meant to be. 

To see a piece of gorgeous paper and know it's the backdrop of your sentiment.
To see a low table and envision an upholstered seat.
To see a section of fabric and know you were meant to wear it. 

For me, this is a reflection of our lives. Who we ARE, is not always who the world makes us to BE. I feel like the act of being creative not only gives new life to one or more objects, but it unlocks our inner selves and we begin the transformation of our own lives. 

In this site, you will find items that I have made or designed, and items that I've sourced that help me be more creative. You'll also find a collection of digital prints from the places that inspire me, here in Southern Canada.

When you purchase something here, we become part of each others creative journey. 

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